Global Engineering for Development,
Environment and Society
Graduate Major

Tackling societal problems in a global era — international development,
the environment, resources, and energy

We uphold the concept of co-innovation that comprehensively includes engineering approaches and humanities/social scientific approaches. We promote research on global issues, urban problems, the environment, resources, and international development on both the macro and micro scale.


Become an expert excelling beyond the boundaries of
science and engineering with global leadership

The Master's Program trains individuals to be global scientists and engineers with abilities that enable them to solve complex problems shared by global society, comprehend the systems of science and engineering without being bound by them, and contribute to the innovation of novel technology, values, and concepts.

In the Doctoral Program, we cultivate individuals to be global experts with the leadership and abilities to solve the complex problems faced by global society, based on the understanding of science and engineering systems without being bound by their existing framework.

Ideal Candidates

Master's Degree Program

  • Those with interest in problems faced by global society and local communities and the desire to acquire related advanced knowledge in order to solve them
  • Those with the ambition to master their own field of expertise and the flexibility to learn broadly about related fields
  • Those with sufficient basic academic ability to learn advanced transdisciplinary science and engineering
  • Those with basic skills in global communication, management, and collaboration

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Those with basic academic ability in science and engineering, knowledge of humanities and social sciences, and the ability to use them in practical problem solving
  • Those who can add new findings to acquired specialized knowledge and make use of them freely
  • Those with sufficient basic skills in global communication and collaboration
  • Those with aspirations to pioneer intellectual frontiers and contribute to the sustainable development of humanity and society with globally viable leadership and specialist of science and technology

Competencies Developed

Master's Degree Program

Basic abilities with a wide range of applications

  • Ability to apply appropriate logic, mathematics, and analytical technology
  • Insight and ability to analyze the essence of physical and natural phenomena

Ability to develop applications unhindered by existing academic disciplines

  • Ability to identify, define, and solve problems using appropriate methods
  • Ability to design, manage, and operate systems

Advanced personal and social abilities as a global engineer

  • Ability to collaborate globally
  • Sense of social responsibility and ethics
  • Ability to develop oneself

Doctoral Degree Program

Cutting-edge technical abilities with a wide range of applications

  • Ability to solve problems applying advanced logic, mathematics, and analytical technology

Applied advanced abilities unhindered by existing academic frameworks

  • Ability to unearth difficult problems embedded in society and solve them
  • Ability to create novel technology, values, and concepts

Advanced personal and social abilities with global leadership

  • Global leadership
  • Sense of social responsibility and ethics
  • Self-development and organizational skills

Potential Career Paths

  • Graduates are expected to play an active role in global society as specialists focused on science and engineering, and also as a pioneer of new fields.

Potential Employers for Graduates

Tokyu Corporation / General Electric Company / Oriental Consultants / Hitachi Automotive Systems / Nissin Medical Industries / JGC / Hazama Ando / Mitsubishi Chemical / Toyo Engineering / IBM Japan / Uniqlo / Sumitomo Chemical / Yamada Business Consulting / Mitsui Chemicals / Accenture / Gree / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry / Acroquest Technology / Nissan Motor / Japan Maritime Center / JNC / Chiyoda Corporation / Pasco / Fuji Xerox / Canon / Shiseido / Toshiba / Hitachi Chemical / NTT East / Denka Kagaku Kogyo / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking / Itochu Techno-Solutions / Boston Consulting Group / JGC Plant Solution / Padeco / Nitori / Mitsubishi Precision / Oil and Gas Solutions PTE / Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) / Urban Planning Institute of Shenyang

Degree Offered

Master's Degree Program
Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Arts
Doctoral Degree Program
Doctor of Science, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy


Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society Course Pamphlet

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Department with Graduate Major in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society

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