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The 44th JSAP Outstanding Paper Award ~ Spectroscopic measurement of atmospheric-pressure plasma

Low-temperature plasma measurement for medical and dental applications

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March 22, 2023

A research paper by the group of Hiroshi Onishi, (an alumnus of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Nuclear Engineering Course), and Associate Professor Hiroshi Akatsuka, received the 44th Japan Society of Applied Physics Paper Award. In addition, Associate Professor Akatsuka, the corresponding author of the paper, gave an award-winning lecture at the 70th JSAP Spring Meeting held at Sophia University.

Awarded by Professor Toshiro Hiramoto, President of the Japan Society of Applied Physics

certificate of commendation

Awarded by Professor Toshiro Hiramoto, President of the Japan Society of Applied Physics

Award summary

Hiroshi Onishi, Fuminori Yamazaki, Yoshiro Hakozaki, Masaki Takemura (Akatsuka Laboratory OB), Atsushi Nezu (Open Facility Center), Hiroshi Akatsuka (Laboratory for Zero Carbon Energy)
Japan Society of Applied Physics
The 44th Japan Society of Applied Physics Outstanding Paper Award
Measurement of electron temperature and density of atmospheric-pressure non-equilibrium argon plasma examined with optical emission spectroscopy
March 15, 2023 (Wednesday)

Commment from Associate Professor Hiroshi Akatsuka

More than 20 years have already passed since atmospheric-pressure non-equilibrium plasmas were frequently discussed at the forefront of science and technology. They can also be generated by underwater or submerged discharge, and new applications are increasing in the field of medical, agriculture, food industry, and textile industry, etc. However, a standard method that can be easily performed on a laboratory scale has not yet been established for the measurement of their electron temperature Te and density Ne. Therefore, a general-purpose means for measuring their Te and Ne is absolutely necessary. We also generated atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma, and planned and executed research to measure electron temperature and density from the continuum spectrum measurement due to electron-atom bremsstrahlung. As an electron energy distribution function, assuming a specific shape, the theoretical calculation and the measured spectrum were compared, and the electron temperature Te and density Ne can be obtained as the best fitting parameters. In addition, the validity of the obtained values ​​is confirmed by the comparison with the line spectral intensity and the excited-state density with a reliable calculation model called "collisional radiative model". Consequently, the electron temperature and density of the atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma are confirmed to be obtained by practical and simple continuum spectrum measurement.
This paper was selected as a Spotlight paper of the same journal in 2021, but in 2022, it was further selected as the "Highlight paper" from the Plasma field別窓. Furthermore, it was selected and awarded for the "20th (March 2022) Plasma Electronics Award" by the Plasma Electronics Division of the Japan Society of Applied Physics. Finally, this spring, this paper was awarded the 44th JSAP Outstanding Paper Award.

Among the co-winners is Dr. Shuji Nakamura, a Nobel laureate. Also the name of Professor Ryoji Sugano of Tokyo Tech is found, who is famous for his all-solid-state batteries.
The value of the Japan Society of Applied Physics Outstanding Paper Award is strongly understood.

This is the only one from the Plasma field, and this is the only Full Paper. All the other awarded papers are letters. You can see that ours is rare in this respect.
In the future, we would like to extend the measurement methods described in this paper to various fields of application, such as medicine, dentistry, agriculture and food industry, as well as electrical and electronic engineering. In particular, we are considering joint research with Tokyo Medical and Dental University, regarding the possibility of applying it to the cariology and operative dentistry field.


Associate Professor Hiroshi Akatsuka

Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy,

INstitute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology

E-mail : hakatsuk@lane.iir.titech.ac.jp

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