Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Undergraduate Major

Electronics for a comfortable,
prosperous lifestyle

Today, electricity is widely used in our lives and in society, and it is expected that its applications will continue to expand to support our comfortable and prosperous lives. In our department, our goal is to train engineers and researchers with originality who push forward research and development as well as support the growth of fields associated with electrical and electronic engineering.


Study the broad field of electrical and
electronic engineering without bounds

We foster individuals who have fundamental knowledge of the many branches of electrical and electronic engineering, including electric power, communications, circuits and signal processing, and materials and devices, and can use this knowledge to play a leading role in a variety of areas, such as industry, research, education, and government agencies.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who are motivated to contribute to the development of humanity and society through electrical and electronic engineering
  • Those who are eager to actively learn about electrical and electronic engineering and its related fields to expand their abilities
  • Those who have a solid fundamental academic ability with an emphasis on mathematics and physics to study electrical and electronic engineering
  • Those who can think logically and have basic communication skills to communicate with others

Competencies Developed

  • Firm grounding in the fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering, including such areas as electromagnetism, circuits, linear systems, and applied mathematics
  • Ability to understand both complex theories and what happens in reality, and use this knowledge to solve problems
  • Ability to expand into more advanced and other specialized areas
  • Ability to understand the relationship between electrical and electronic engineering and society, make autonomous decisions, and take action
  • Ability to think and write logically, and develop and explain thoughts

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Engineering

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