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Assistant Professor Tomoya Nakamura at Yamaguchi lab received IWISS2018 Best Outstanding Poster Award.

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December 5, 2018


Joint research of Yamaguchi lab and Shizuoka University received IWISS2018 Best Outstanding Poster Award. IWISS2018 is the international workshop on image sensors and applications.

The title of the paper is "Lensless imaging by coded image sensors".

A lensless camera is a camera that does not have a lens exploiting signal processing after shooting, and it has the advantage that the camera can be made thin.

On the other hand, the field of view is restricted to the front side of the image sensor like the normal camera, and the back side of the sensor cannot be photographed.

In the presentation, the research group proposed the design of a new lensless camera capable of taking the front side and the back side of the sensor at the same time.

The proposed method utilizes the hole-drilling processing of the pixel in the CMOS image sensor.

The proposed camera potentially enables image measurement without oversights in a narrow space and is expected to be applied to, e.g., endoscopes and piping inspections.

Title of paper:

Tomoya Nakamura, Keiichiro Kagawa, Shiho Torashima, and Masahiro Yamaguchi, “Lensless imaging by coded image sensors,” 4th International Workshop on Image Sensors and Imaging Systems (IWISS2018), 16 (Tokyo, 2018.11).

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