Information and Communications Engineering
Undergraduate Major

Can you imagine a life without information and
communications technology?

We aim to foster researchers and engineers with the leadership skills to succeed in industry, academia, and policy-making, as well as the ability to contribute to the innovation of technologies supporting an advanced, human-centered information and communications society.


Learning about technologies fundamental to an information
and communications society

We aim to cultivate researchers and engineers capable of active international involvement in industry, academia, policy-making, and other arenas related to information and communications engineering. To achieve this, we provide education and research opportunities in technologies fundamental to the realization of an advanced information and communications society.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who aspire to contribute to the development of humanity and society through information and communications engineering
  • Those with the ambition to study information and communications engineering and related fields for personal growth
  • Those possessing solid fundamental academic ability with an emphasis on mathematics and physics to study information and communications engineering
  • Those with logical reasoning and basic communication skills

Competencies Developed

  • Basic academic ability, logical thinking, and strong ethical values required for research and development
  • Advanced specialized knowledge, problem-solving skills, and leadership skills necessary for research and development of new and unexplored fields
  • Ability to integrate knowledge from various fields to develop innovative systems
  • Communication skills necessary to put forward arguments logically while respecting the opinions of others

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Engineering

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