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Concept presentation was hold and 6 master students were awarded

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May 31, 2018

Concept presentation by Master and Doctoral students was held on Dec 1, 2017, and 6 students were selected as excellent presenters. The concept presentation was held as a part of Master’s and Doctoral research in Department of Information and Communication Engineering. Master students are recommended to make the presentation at after six months of their admission and they are required to have the presentation by finishing their courses. The aims of this event are to acquire presentation skills as well as to make their research plan understanding their own research. A vote on the presentations is held by professors in the course, and the Master students who make the excellent presentations are awarded. Doctoral students are recommended to make the presentation as well, though it is not mandatory.

The awarded Master students are following 6 students:

Kengo Uchida, Kaoru Saso, Hakubun Go, Shoma Ichino, Kohei Hisano, and Takeshi Akaoka.



The awarding ceremony was held in First Cafeteria in Ookayama campus.

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