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Understand the structure,
reactions, properties, etc., of matter based on atomic/molecular principles, and contribute to the future of humanity.

Chemistry considers everything from atoms to organisms, and probes in detail the material and living worlds that they weave together. In the Department of Chemistry, students learn the fundamental principles of chemical phenomena in the natural world, as well as the skills for contributing to cutting-edge chemistry that will benefit society. The curriculum requires you to take lecture courses on the fundamental contents of physical chemistry, inorganic/analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry in order to acquire specialized knowledge in a range of areas. Building on that, students acquire advanced specialized knowledge, problem-solving skills, analysis skills, and perceptiveness, stopping not just at the acquisition of knowledge, but also attaining an education with which they can contribute fully to a prosperous society.

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Message from the Department Chair

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All substances around us are made of molecules. And the characteristic properties of substances are fundamentally based on the behavior of electrons, atoms, molecules, and their assembly. Chemistry is a subject of science, which explores the principles of their behavior and also creates new substances based on their understanding to contribute to the welfare of human beings. Chemistry is actually dealing with a very wide area of science, where the pursuit of the truth directly leads to the development of our society.

Yasuhiro Ohshima

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