Undergraduate Major

Understand various phenomena of
matter on an atomic and molecular level to contribute to development of a prosperous society

Chemistry department helps students acquire the fundamental knowledge and experimental technical skills necessary for understanding phenomena broadly related to matter and energy. Through cultivation of inventiveness and creativity by experiencing cutting-edge research, they will be able to deal with new problems independently and thereby contribute to development of a prosperous society.


Explore chemistry
with flexible thinking and wide vision

We aim to cultivate individuals who don't stop at just learning, but also share responsibility for the development of chemistry and use the power of chemistry to contribute to building a prosperous society. Students will acquire fundamental chemistry knowledge, and analytical skills and insight underpinned by that knowledge. Furthermore, based on this, students will develop advanced, specialized academic skills with flexible thinking and the ability to learn and think by themselves, enabling them to work independently on new tasks.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who possess a strong curiosity to learn in depth about a wide variety of phenomena related to materials
  • Those who are able to learn not just passively, but also independently, and debate with teaching staff and friends
  • Those who have sufficient academic ability to learn at university level

Competencies Developed

  • Fundamental academic skills and logical thinking cultivated by systematic chemistry-related lectures
  • Practical skills in chemistry cultivated through experiments and exercises
  • The ability to learn and think independently and cultivation of inventiveness and creativity through the experience of cutting edge research
  • The communication skills to report and discuss the results of one's own research

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Science

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