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DENSO and Tokyo Tech Establish DENSO Mobility Collaborative Research Cluster

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May 7, 2020

DENSO Corporation today announced that it established the DENSO Mobility Collaborative Research Center on April 1, jointly with Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) under the university's industry liaison program. The Collaborative Research Cluster will promote joint research with the support of Tokyo Tech's Open Innovation Platform別窓 from research planning to commercialization.

DENSO and Tokyo Tech Establish DENSO Mobility Collaborative Research Cluster

So far, DENSO and Tokyo Tech have conducted joint research and produced results in many fields including thermal management technology and packaging technology for in-vehicle computers. For the age of CASE (connected, automated, shared, and electric) vehicles, DENSO and Tokyo Tech have signed an organizational partnership agreement to accelerate their joint research, and will make coordinated efforts to conduct comprehensive research in a wide range of fields at the Collaborative Research Cluster.

Specifically, the Collaborative Research Cluster will have, on the Ookayama campus of Tokyo Tech, a dedicated space to conduct applied research on heat dissipation technology for automotive components, as well as explore themes in new research together with researchers in different fields of specialization including electronics, semiconductors, electricity, mechanics, and communication to promote joint research with them. Moreover, the Collaborative Research Cluster will be staffed by people from DENSO and Tokyo Tech to promote implementing research in society, and open innovation in cooperation with other companies.

Based on DENSO's technologies and know-how accumulated in product developing automotive components and Tokyo Tech's academic knowledge acquired from its advanced research, the Collaborative Research Cluster will engage in sophisticated research projects.

In addition, DENSO IT Laboratory, Inc., a DENSO Group company, launched a course "DENSO IT LAB: Collaborative research on recognition and learning algorithms" at Tokyo Tech's School of Computing on April 1. The DENSO Group and Tokyo Tech will work more closely with each other to promote open innovation.

Profile of the Collaborative Research Cluster

DENSO Mobility Collaborative Research Cluster
Ishikawadai Bldg. 1, Tokyo Tech's Ookayama campus, 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025
Representative from Tokyo Tech:
Osamu Watanabe (Executive Vice President for Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Research theme:
Research on advanced mobility-related technology
Site Director:
Takayoshi Inoue (Professor, Chair of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Deputy Site Director:
Keiji Mitsuyuki (Director of Tokyo Office, DENSO Corporation)
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