Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Major

Aiming to create new machines that
harmonize with people and the environment

"Manufacturing" has existed since stoneware and earthenware first began to be used. In order for life, including humans, to coexist happily in the earth's limited environment, not only are good ideas needed, but the technology and ability for realizing these are also essential. Through our courses in mechanical engineering, we foster individuals who can create innovative mechanical systems.


Learning knowledge and
techniques for creating new machines

We foster individuals who have fundamental expert knowledge of areas related to mechanical engineering and a broad basic knowledge of engineering. They are trained to solve engineering problems using theories related to physical phenomena and practical engineering methods, and to propose innovative mechanical systems that harmonize with people and the environment.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who have high aspirations to contribute to the development of humanity and society through mechanical engineering
  • Those who are eager to study mechanical engineering and related fields in order to expand their abilities
  • Those who have a solid fundamental academic ability with an emphasis on mathematics and physics to study mechanical engineering
  • Those who can think logically and have basic communication skills to communicate with others

Competencies Developed

  • Advanced expertise in mechanical engineering
  • Ability to solve new problems and make creative proposals using specialized knowledge
  • Ability to plan and follow through with projects in collaboration with others
  • Ability to think and write logically, and develop and explain thoughts

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Engineering

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