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Research plan presentation was held and 9 master students were awarded

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March 3, 2023

A research plan presentation for master’s and doctoral students was held on Dec. 21, 2022. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, this year's presentation was held using the online poster system別窓 being researched and developed in the Hasegawa Laboratory別窓.

The research plan presentation is a part of master's and doctoral research in Department of Information and Communication Engineering. The aims of this presentation are to acquire presentation skills as well as to make their research plan by understanding their own research’s value. Master students are recommended to make the presentation after 6 months of their admission and they are required to have the presentation by finishing their courses. Presentations are voted on by the faculty of the department, and the master's students who give the best presentations are awarded.

The following nine students were selected as the best presenters.

  • Prize winner:
    Aru Maekawa(Okumura Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Kazuya Taniguchi (Takahashi Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Naoki Nagamatsu (Hara Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Suzuha Horiuchi (Nagai Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Shoki Ohta (Nishio Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Kojin Yorita (Nishio Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    ZHANG Chen (Suzuki Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Hirokazu Matsuura (Yoshimura Lab.)
  • Prize winner:
    Hiroki Kan (Kaneko Lab.)


Mr.Aru Maekawa(right) and Prof. Manabu Okumura

Mr.Aru Maekawa(right)and
Prof. Manabu Okumura

Mr.Kazuya Taniguchi(left) and Prof. Atsushi Takahashi

Mr.Kazuya Taniguchi(left) and
Prof. Atsushi Takahashi

Mr.Naoki Nagamatsu(right) and Assoc.Prof. Yuko Hara

Mr.Naoki Nagamatsu(right)and
Assoc.Prof. Yuko Hara

Ms.<!-- Suzuha --> Horiuchi(right) and Assoc.Prof. Takehiro Nagai

Ms.Suzuha Horiuchi(right)and
Assoc.Prof. Takehiro Nagai

Mr.Shoki Ohta(right) and Assoc.Prof. Takayuki Nishio

Mr.Shoki Ohta(right)and
Assoc.Prof. Takayuki Nishio

Mr.Kojin Yorita(right) and Assoc.Prof. Takayuki Nishio

Mr.Kojin Yorita(right)and
Assoc.Prof. Takayuki Nishio

Mr.ZHANG Chen(left) and Prof. Kenji Suzuki

Mr.ZHANG Chen(left)and
Prof. Kenji Suzuki

Mr.Hirokazu Matsuura(left) and Assoc.Prof. Natsue Yoshimura

Mr.Hirokazu Matsuura(left)and
Assoc.Prof. Natsue Yoshimura

Mr.Hiroki Kan(right) and Prof. Hirohiko Kaneko

Mr.Hiroki Kan(right)and
Prof. Hirohiko Kaneko
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