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Yuki Hishikawa of Ueno Laboratory wins the CSJ Student Presentation Award 2022

Evaluate thermal properties and dynamics of aromatic interaction networks constructed in protein cages

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May 24, 2022

Yuki Hishikawa (2nd year doctoral student, Ueno Laboratory, School of Life Science and Technology) won the CSJ Student Presentation Award 2022 for his oral presentation at the 102nd Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting held online from Wednesday, March 23 to Saturday, March 26, 2022.

Yuki Hishikawaさん

Yuki Hishikawa

The presentation title

Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of Aromatic Interactions using Protein Cages


I am extremely honored to receive the CSJ Student Presentation Award 2022. In the presentation, I focused on explaining what the essential issues that this study is trying to solve, and seeing how much other researcher will accept my latest experimental and computational results and discussion. Although it was an oral presentation in English, I was able to actively discuss with researchers outside the university. I would like to continue my journey to capture the essential features of aromatic interactions in protein assemblies from the perspective of geometry and dynamics. I sincerely thank Professor Takafumi Ueno, Assistant Professor Satoshi Abe and Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Basudev Maity for guiding me through my research project. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Kouhei Tsumoto and Project Associate Professor Satoru Nagatoishi at The University of Tokyo for their support of DSC measurement. I am grateful for the members of my laboratory and their support for my daily life in the laboratory.

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