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Research video: Fighting cancer with heat!

Biocompatible thin film to make thermotherapy more common

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October 13, 2021

Tokyo Tech researchers have developed a small, flexible thin film device that can be implanted in the body and powered wirelessly to generate heat. Utilizing induction heating, a magnetic field is applied to the device from outside the body, raising the temperature of the contacting internal tissue. And since tumor tissue is more sensitive to heat than normal tissue, the device has potential for application in cancer thermotherapy. The device consists of an electrical circuit printed with biocompatible gold nano ink on polylactic acid film, a biomass plastic.

This research was led by Associate Professor Toshinori Fujie and graduate student Masato Saito of the School of Life Science and Technology. Following is a 5-minute video introducing the research. Please watch and share it your colleagues.

For more information, also see Tokyo Tech News "Biocompatible thin film: Heating tissue with surgical precision to kill cancer!別窓

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