Systems and Control Engineering
Undergraduate Major

Creating systems of

System control, used to measure, analyze, and control various phenomena, is essential in many fields in modern society including those in industry. In the Department of Systems and Control Engineering we develop the basic ability for modeling, analyzing, developing, and designing systems that are crucial for future nation-building such as highly functional robots, next-generation vehicles, and clean energy.


Learning the Theory of Creating and
Operating Various Systems

In the Department of Systems and Control Engineering, we foster the basic ability necessary to objectively analyze everything from concrete to abstract in nature and society as a system and to create new systems of value based on this knowledge. Students gain specialized academic ability in measurement, control, design, and system science as well as basic academic ability in machines, electricity, and information. The Undergraduate Major in Systems and Control Engineering prepares students go on to become creative and innovative individuals who can make beneficial contributions to society.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who aspire to contribute to the development of humanity and society through systems and control engineering
  • Those with the desire to study systems and control engineering and related fields in order to improve their abilities
  • Those who have a solid academic foundation — with a focus on mathematics and physics — on which to study systems and control engineering
  • Those with logical reasoning and basic communication skills

Competencies Developed

  • Specialized academic ability related to measurement, control, and system science
  • A broad, basic scientific academic ability for machines, electricity, and information
  • Flexible ideas and creativity that links reality with abstract expressions
  • Ability to be practical and put plans into effect, making possible system construction by measurement and control
  • Ability to use various methods to communicate and promote one's accomplishments

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Engineering

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