Systems and Control Engineering
Graduate Major

Creating systems of

System control, used to measure, analyze, and control various phenomena, is essential in many areas in modern society including in industry. In the Department of Systems and Control Engineering we develop the fundamental ability for modeling, analyzing, developing, and designing systems that are crucial for future nation-building such as highly functional robots, next-generation vehicles, and clean energy.


Creativity built on expertise
in systems

In the Master's Program, students develop the ability to objectively analyze everything — concrete and abstract — in nature and society as a system, and to create systems of value based on this knowledge. In other words, we develop individuals equipped with advanced knowledge in measurement, control, design, and system science, together with innovativeness, creativity, and executive ability to boldly apply this knowledge to new problems and tasks.

In the Doctoral Program, we aim to develop (1) leaders with academic and practical ability who are capable of discovering their own research tasks in relation to actual problems together with the ability to carry out research from a sophisticated systems perspective, (2) individuals who have the ability to globally understand and systemize trends related to research and development from a sophisticated systems perspective, and (3) individuals who are capable of contributing their research achievements back to society by making new creative proposals freely utilizing their special knowledge of system control.

Ideal Candidates

Master's Degree Program

  • Those who are motivated to contribute to society by utilizing their expertise related to systems and control engineering
  • Those who have basic academic ability related to engineering, particularly systems and control engineering, and who can think and express themselves logically based on this
  • Those who have diverse and extensive knowledge, and who can flexibly understand ideas from various viewpoints
  • Those who have the language and writing skills necessary for conducting engineering research and engineering development with an international perspective
  • Those who have a curiosity for unknown research areas related to systems and control engineering, and who have the courage and energy to take on this research

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Those with the high level of expertise in engineering necessary for a multifaceted understanding of problems, and who have practical problem-solving ability based on this, as well as a high level of expertise in systems and control engineering
  • Those who can incorporate new ideas and findings into their specialized knowledge of systems and control engineering and put this to use
  • Those who have the communication skills necessary to be globally successful
  • Those who have the drive to lead and pioneer the frontier of systems and control engineering
  • Those with high ethical values and motivation to lead the development of the global community

Competencies Developed

Master's Degree Program

  • Specialized mathematical academic ability for modeling, computerizing, and analyzing actual systems
  • Specialized mathematical academic ability for creating and controlling actual systems of new value
  • Ability to apply one's specialized knowledge
  • Ability to accurately recognize social problems, and establish and resolve tasks
  • Ability to communicate and give presentations based on logical thinking
  • Adaptability to respond flexibly to diverse opinions

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Ability to interpret and systemize problems in various fields from a systems' perspective based on advanced specialized academic ability, and the ability to configure systems of value
  • Ability to organize one's own research
  • Ability to establish and lead projects
  • Ability to understand and systemize global trends in research and development
  • Ability to contribute research findings back to society

Potential Career Paths

  • Education and research institutes in Japan and overseas
  • Companies in the manufacturing industry and service industry, etc.
  • Government offices

Potential Employers for Graduates

The Oriental Land / Olympus / Kawasaki Heavy Industries / Komatsu / JR Central / JFE Steel / Shimadzu / Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal / Sony / Dainippon Screen / Denso / Toshiba / TOTO / Toyota Motor / Dwango / NAVITIME JAPAN / Nittoku Engineering / NEC / Nomura Research Institute / Hitachi / Fuji Electric / Honda Motor / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Yaskawa Electric / Yokogawa Electric

Degree Offered

Master's Degree Program
Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Arts
Doctoral Degree Program
Doctor of Science, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy

Department with Graduate Major in Systems and Control Engineering

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