Undergraduate Major

The physical laws of the natural world

In physics, various natural phenomena are investigated based on fundamental laws, from the structure of elementary particles, to the diverse physical properties of the particle aggregates, all the way to the structure and evolution of space. This in turn leads to the discovery of new phenomena. The Department of Physics offers a platform to study the natural laws established by our predecessors and acquire the thinking skills and experimental techniques needed to take the next steps.


Learning basic principles and laws that
describe a broad range of natural phenomena

Provide students with a grounding in physics, the foundation of natural sciences, and a flexible and logical mind

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who have a strong curiosity to deeply understand how the natural world works
  • Those who are willing to deepen their understanding not only through passive learning but also through discussions and independent study
  • Those who have sufficient academic ability to learn at university level, and who have the desire to gain new knowledge and skills
  • Those who have a desire to gain an international perspective through study

Competencies Developed

  • Basic academic ability in physics
  • Practical problem-solving ability cultivated through experiments and exercises
  • The ability to learn and think independently and to think freely through exposure to cutting-edge natural science research
  • Language skills to discuss and give presentations on research findings
  • Ability to conduct research and social activities with an international perspective

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Science

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