English Language Courses

In required courses you will improve your English skills, including listening and reading, and learn how to tackle language tests such as TOEFL. A variety of elective courses including Academic Presentation and Oral Expression are also available.

English Language Courses

Featured Courses

  • English Speech Seminar 9

    English Speech Seminar 9Undergraduate Degree Program (300-Level)

    This course offers intensive training in public speaking in English. Students will craft and polish a speech, which they will present at the annual speech contest. Students will receive individual coaching on all elements of speech composition and delivery.

    Professor Lorinda Kiyama

    Undergraduate Degree Program (300-Level)

    Message from the teaching staff

    After completing this course, students can be more confident in any oral communication setting in English. We practice extensively for the most unpredictable part of speaking — the Q&A session. All levels of English ability are welcome!

  • TOEFL Seminar (Reading and Writing) 3

    TOEFL Seminar (Reading and Writing) 3Undergraduate Degree Program (100-Level)

    This course is designed to develop English skills for the Reading and Writing sections of the TOEFL test through TOEFL-type exercises in reading and writing and reviewing of them.

    Associate Professor Tatsuro Satsuma

    Undergraduate Degree Program (100-Level)

    Message from the teaching staff

    TOEFL Seminar 1, 2, 3, 4 are for students who do not know much about TOEFL yet. In Reading/Writing classes, students will improve their skills to answer Reading questions with confidence and to write appropriate answers to Writing Questions smoothly, while enjoying discussing interesting topics.

The complete listing of English Language Courses is available at TOKYO TECH OCW 100-300-levelwindow, 400-levelwindow.

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