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The Institute for Liberal Arts (ILA) will supplement specialized science
and technology education provided
by Tokyo Tech's six new Schools with education in the liberal arts.

The ILA aims to develop individuals who understand the challenges of 21st century society and have the social skills to recognize their roles in it, the willingness to dig deep down into themselves, the creativity to take action, tackle problems, and achieve goals, and who aspire to build a better future society.

Fostering Aspirational Students

Fostering Aspirational Students

Message from the Dean

Tokyo Tech Liberal Arts Education for a New Era

Dean of the Institute for Liberal Arts Noriyuki Ueda

Tokyo Tech is known for attaching a high value to liberal arts education. Its wedge-shaped education method has long provided undergraduate students with liberal arts courses running parallel to specialized courses throughout all four years of the Undergraduate Program. In keeping with this tradition, we began offering unique, groundbreaking liberal arts courses in April 2016.

The liberal arts curriculum extends right through into the Doctoral Program. While gaining knowledge of the wider world, examining possibilities of the self, and inspiring each other through discussions and projects in small groups throughout their studies, students strengthen their ability to question, feel, think, speak, and act independently. Starting with the Tokyo Tech Visionary Project soon after admission to an undergraduate major, students move on to various, more advanced courses but meet again in the latter stages of study to take on the Liberal Arts Final Report. The students are guided by master's students who have moved on from the Leadership Workshop to Peer Practicum and Advanced Leadership Workshop, acting as peer reviewers and generating cross-year exchanges in the classroom.

In the past, students tended to select liberal arts courses with the minimum requirements for credits. Is it really possible for those who acquire such an education to become real world leaders and create a better society? Tokyo Tech's liberal arts education is different. From the very beginning of their studies, each student starts on his or her individual learning path. This new system, which has already created plenty of buzz, provides an exciting journey that eventually leads to students realizing their aspirations and creating a new world.

Tokyo Tech's liberal arts education provides an aura of learning that attracts people, ignites their curiosity, and vitalizes their spirit. Students are encouraged to discuss global issues and the depth of humanity in the classroom, cafeteria, or anywhere on campus, and create opportunities to recognize new possibilities for one's self and society. Through liberal arts education, individuals can open the door to their future and make significant contributions to society.

The ILA's ongoing mission is to develop true leaders who will lead 21st century society.

Dean of the Institute for Liberal Arts

Noriyuki Ueda

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