Tokyo Tech Quality Liberal Arts Research

Research at the Institute for Liberal Arts (ILA)

  • Research 1
    Research 1

    Research on design and methods of advanced liberal arts education

    As the base for liberal arts education to cultivate students who are going out into the world, ILA conducts a progressive approach, evaluates achievements, and uses them to improve its curriculum and organization. In addition, ILA develops facilitation skills to promote students' 'mutual learning and teaching' — one of the features of its liberal arts education.
  • Research 2
    Research 2

    We conduct research on social issues while disseminating the findings to society.

    In the Institute for Liberal Arts, there are faculty members with various specialized backgrounds, and there is an open, non-authoritarian atmosphere that allows for opinions to be freely exchanged. ILA is a group of experts who are deeply committed to actively making multifaceted and flexible proposals to society.

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