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The purpose of "Earth and Planetary Sciences" is
to contribute to human development by conducting scientific research related to the Earth, planets, and space, in order to explain complex natural phenomena

For us humans, the Earth is our irreplaceable home. Earth and Planetary Sciences is the study of deep earth, continents, oceans, the atmosphere, other planets, space, and life using various scientific means to find the answers to questions such as "How was the earth formed?" and "What will happen to the Earth in the future?" It is our goal to foster individuals who have the necessary basic academic ability to understand various phenomena related to the Earth, planets, space, and life, and who can contribute to the future of the Earth and human development. Earth and Planetary Sciences covers diverse academic fields that are related to each other, making it possible to develop a broad perspective.

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Message from the Department Chair

Yasushi Nakamoto

How were the Earth and other planets formed? How have they evolved and what is happening now? Is the Earth unique or is life common in the universe? Such fundamental questions are the starting point of Earth and Planetary Sciences. In order to find the answers to such questions, the faculty and students in Earth and Planetary Sciences are conducting cutting-edge, top-level research with unique ideas and approaches. We welcome those who want to join us, and appreciate your support in meeting our challenges.

Taishi Nakamoto

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