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Tokyo Tech Research Video on "Discovery of a Method for Efficient 'KODA' Production to Augment Plant Growth" Now Online

For stable production of low cost plant-based fertilizers and agricultural chemicals

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April 12, 2023

A research group of Associate Professor Mie Shimojima of the Department of Life Science and Technology, the School of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, successfully developed a new method for synthesizing low-molecular 9-hydroxy-10-oxo-12(Z),15(Z)-octadecadienoic acid (KODA), which is linked with plant growth regulation.

The aim of this study is to achieve stable, low-cost production of KODA. A new technique for biochemical production of KODA using plant leaves that contain a large amount of alpha-linolenic acid was already developed. It will now become possible to develop research with the aim gaining a complete understanding of the KODA action mechanism. Compound fertilizers and agricultural chemicals with KODA are expected to become more common in the future.


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