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Tomoki Wada (Senoo lab) received the Best Conference Paper Award (Arai Award) at Society for Serviceology

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July 7, 2023

Tomoki Wada, a member of Senoo Laboratory (M2 student, now at Nomura Research Institute), received the Best Conference Paper Award (Arai Award) at the 11th Conference of Society for Serviceology held at Kyoto University from March 8 to 10, 2023.

Award summary

Best Conference Paper Award (Arai Award)
Presentation Title:
Analyzing Customer Experience Through Synchronize of Valence Fluctuation
Tomoki Wada, Bach Quang Ho, and Dai Senoo
  • Reason for Award

This research clarified the influence of synchronization of emotional valence between employees and customers on the emotional values of customers through biometric measurements, and showed that synchronization of emotional valence has a positive influence on the co-creation of emotional values of joy. This is an original study that perceives service co-creation from an emotional perspective and verifies it through biometric measurements, and was recognized as worthy of the Best Conference Paper Award. In addition, the concept of value co-creation, which is fundamental to the system of service research, had been approached by combining engineering methods with social psychology and business administration, was judged to be worthy of the first Arai Award.

Arai Award (Approved for establishment in January 2023)

This award was established to commemorate the achievements of Tamio Arai. The award is given to a paper selected as the Best Paper Award and the Best Conference Paper Award, which is based on knowledge and systems related to services and which makes a significant contribution to the development of social technology.

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