Industrial Engineering and Economics
Undergraduate Major

Study management and economics, grasp essential issues,
and learn how to solve problems

Educating people to discover various problems related to management, economics, and society and devise solution strategies with a science and engineering approach. Train people who can contribute to mankind's progress by grasping scientific and engineering methods of theory extraction, modeling, experiments and surveys, statistical analysis, and simulations. Students combine these with keen insight into social sciences in order to solve the many problems facing modern society.


Study the problems affecting management and the economy —
and how to solve them

Develop individuals who can grasp critical issues in production activities, company management, and the economic system from a scientific and engineering perspective. Students will develop skills to solve these problems using the diverse approaches of mathematics, economics, business administration, and management techniques. This department provides students with the skills to accurately understand problems affecting industrial engineering and economics, and to develop ground-breaking theories and solution strategies.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who aspire to contribute to the development of humanity and society through industrial engineering and economics
  • Those with the desire to vigorously study industrial engineering and economics and related fields to develop their abilities
  • Those with a strong interest in social problems and acquiring a solid academic foundation based on mathematics in order to study industrial engineering and economics
  • Those with logical reasoning and basic communication skills

Competencies Developed

  • The insight to identify problems and the ability to find suitable methods for solving them
  • The ability to solve problems and effectively manage them
  • The knowledge and perspective to understand the various aspects of management activities and to solve related problems
  • The skills to tackle real-world social problems using the principles and methods of economics
  • Problem-solving skills in balance with respect for fellow humans and ethical values
  • Communication and leadership skills

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Engineering

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