Computer Science
Undergraduate Major

Create and support the future
information society

We cultivate computer scientists and researchers who have the deep understanding and technical expertise of both hardware and software of computers and networks needed to build the future information society. We also foster individuals who can exhibit leadership and be internationally successful in various sectors, including industry, academia, and government agencies, through their knowledge of computer science.


Study everything from
the principles of computers to
artificial intelligence

We produce individuals who understand the theories and technologies that support information infrastructure, information systems, and information services from the hardware, software, and artificial intelligence aspects. We also develop students who can discern the nature of technological problems, build appropriate mathematical models for them, and find solutions using computers.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who have an interest in the field of computer science, can actively study on their own, and can tackle new problems
  • Those with a strong aspiration to contribute to the realization and development of an advanced information society by making use of their knowledge and technology of computer hardware and software

Competencies Developed

  • Basic academic proficiency and reasoning skills necessary for research and development of technology that support information infrastructure, information systems, and information services
  • Fundamental knowledge of hardware, software, and artificial intelligence
  • Ability to grasp the essential structure of actual problems and model them
  • Ability to apply artificial intelligence technology to various social problems
  • Ability to take a hybrid approach in a variety of technical fields by fusing basic knowledge of discrete systems with basic knowledge of continuous systems
  • Strong ethical values and communication skills that enable individuals to express their opinions logically while respecting the opinions of others

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Engineering

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