Chemical Science and Engineering
Undergraduate Major

Developing individuals who are capable
of using the power of
chemistry to light up the future

Building on basic chemistry courses and laboratory experiments, students systematically take specialized courses for applied molecular chemistry, chemical system engineering, and polymer science, and acquire a foundation in chemistry with which they can positively contribute to future society. Through studying at the department, students will not only gain knowledge in applied chemistry, but also gain insight into the broader field of materials and chemical technology. The study covers areas in the nano-world of atoms and molecules as well as mega-scale process for producing familiar chemical products.


Studying cutting-edge chemistry
with a deep understanding of materials

We develop leading scientists and engineers, equipped with the knowledge of chemical reactions, material conversions, material synthesis, function design, and production technology, together with the ability to apply and develop this knowledge, who can contribute to achieving a greener society through advanced engineering in the chemical industry.

Ideal Candidates

  • Those who have an interest in a broad range of phenomena related to applied chemistry, and who have a passion for understanding and elucidating the unknown
  • Those who are eager to use their knowledge of applied chemistry to contribute to the development of mankind and society while keeping in harmony with the environment

Competencies Developed

  • Academic grounding and logical thinking ability needed for technology development in the field of applied chemistry
  • Creativity to find solutions to applied chemistry problems, and the ability to apply these solutions in industry
  • A wide and rich education that is the foundation for developing a greener society, and a strong ethical perspective related to technology
  • Communication and leadership skills for expressing constructive opinions with a broad international perspective

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering

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