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December 17, 2021

On this website, not only articles on news, events, and admissions, but also a plethora of research led by LST professors and students are introduced and updated on a daily basis.

Introduction to our brochures

Different types of brochures introducing our research and education activities are available from the following page.

How to find our professors

For those who want to know about professors and research going on in LST, there are a number of ways to find them out.

On the Research Laboratories and Subjects page, you can narrow down the list of laboratories by typing keywords of your choice in the Search field or by clicking Filter by Keyword(s) and checking keywords of your choice.

In addition, Life Science and Technology News - Laboratories pages provide you with more detailed information for individual laboratories.

More Information on LST website

Various types of information that are not fully covered on this website are given in the following website. Examples include various regular events organized by LST, special contents for prospective students, and Tokyo Tech's research and education activities related to LST. So please take a look at this website as well.

LST's official YouTube channel

The School of Life Science and Technology also provides information on its YouTube channel. Please check out the link below.

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