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Ms. Keiko Tabuchi (Graduate Student of Civil Eng. Course) and Adjunct Prof. Daisuke Fukuda received a 2020 best paper award of CPIJ

Development of the pricing strategy for the subscription-based MaaS.

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June 15, 2021

Ms. Keiko Tabuchi(left) and Adjunct Prof. Daisuke Fukuda(right)

Ms. Keiko Tabuchi       Adjunct Prof. Daisuke Fukuda

Ms. Keiko Tabuchi (graduate student of civli eng. course) and Adjunct Prof. Daisuke Fukuda receive the CPIJ (City Planning Institute of Japan) Paper Award of 2020. This study proposed an evaluation method of the settings of a subscription-based MaaS (Mobility as a Service) by using the recursive logit (RL) travel choice model. The proposed framework enables to compute the maximum tolerable fixed price for a given MaaS setting consistent with travel behavior theory.
The online awarding ceremony was conducted on June 4.


  • Comment from Ms. Tabuchi

I am very happy to receive the Annual Outstanding Paper Award.
After struggling with my first challenge, I was able to receive this honorable award thanks to the careful guidance of my professor, Prof. Daisuke Fukuda, and the help of many people, including my seniors in the laboratory. Once again, I am filled with gratitude to everyone who has supported me.
I will continue to work even harder on my research to submit my next paper.

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